Eternal T-Type Limited Edition

Eternal Guitars - ‘60s White over sunburst  T-Type, Limited Edition – 1 of 30

Authentically aged replica electric guitars. Built in Britain using the best quality components and finished in genuine nitro-cellulose lacquer.

This unusual finish mimics the look of a factory refinished guitar. It was common in the early days of Californian electric guitar production for a stock sunburst finished guitar to be sprayed over in a solid colour either in the factory if a custom colour order came in or perhaps a few years into the guitars life. With the usual wear and tear of playing, this over spray would begin to fade or rub off revealing the original finish beneath. Here we’ve used a two piece alder body finished first in a full three tone sunburst which when fully dry and cured was then over sprayed and aged. The neck is maple topped with a 7.25” rosewood fingerboard and 21 Dunlop 6105 frets for an effortless playing feel. Hardware is ‘60s spec. worn to match the finish while the juice is provided by two single coil ‘Eternal’ pickups. A hand cut bone nut and aged ‘tortoise shell’ scratchplate complete a unique package.

Eternal White over Sunburst T-Type Specifications


Neck: One piece maple. 7.25” radius rosewood fingerboard with Dunlop 6105 fretwire and aged finish

Body: Two piece alder

Finish: Aged white over three-tone sunburst nitrocellulose lacquer

Pickguard: Aged ‘tortoise shell’ three-ply plastic 

Hardware: Steel bridge plate with steel saddles. Nickel finish split-post tuners

Electrics: Handwound and aged ‘Eternal Guitars’ bridge and neck single coil pickups: Hand tooled UK finished bobbins, made of Forbon (compressed fibre) with Alnico 5 staggered polepieces, which are bevelled and then aged both physically and aesthetically, but the Bridge pickups have been designed with slightly larger than normal Alnico 5 poles to replicate the traditional Broadcaster(ish) grunt found on early ‘50’s guitars. They are handwound with 43 gauge wire which gives a depth and grunt often lacking of more common pickups. Each is wax potted and finished with a string wrap and an engraved copper plated steel baseplate before being wax potted for a second time. The pickup has cloth covered hook-up wire and the whole pickup is aged to taste. The neck pickups are built using the same general processes but the covers are hand aged to give a faithful worn look, again 43 gauge wire Alnico 5 poles, double wax potting and attention to detail give these pickups a unique quality. CRL 3-way switch, Orange Drop Capacitor, CTS solid shaft 250k pots, cloth covered hook-up wire and a Switchcraft output jack complete the wiring.

Nut: Hand cut bone

Case: Tweed hardcase included

Price: £1699



Eternal T-Type Limited Edition

Price: £1,699.00