Master Built Guitars and Amplifiers As a guitarist - you know exactly when something feels and sounds right. Its a tricky process as we have been there too - trying to find the best we can for our money. The evaluation process can be tricky too - sound pollution in most shops can be a major issue. That is why when you come to our shop - only you will be playing. That way you can make a proper decision without feeling hurried or rushed and what you hear will be exactly as it should be - just the equipment you are playing, nothing else.

Welcome to Sound Venture - Masterbuilt Guitars and Amplifiers.

Sound Venture Guitar Boutique is all about the very best currently available in Master Built Guitars and Amplifiers. We have compared the stunning guitars from Eternal (Dave Walsh), Flaxwood - Premier Guitar award winners and Magneto - master crafted Japanese guitars against the very best available elsewhere. To be honest once you play one of these, everything else will seem like second best. To put that to the test, all our guitars come with a 30-day money back guarantee - how's that for confidence?

Flaxwood Liekki

Part Exchange

Sound Venture Guitar Boutique offer the UK's best part exchange prices for your current Guitar or Amplifier. The process could not be easier. A simple call to our shop on 01333 425999 and you could be very suprised at how much your old equipment is actually worth. Put us to the test today.